Stevie Lawrence

Tracks: ‘Red Red Rose’, ‘Corn Rigs’ and ‘The Lea Rig’

Working with Cruachan for 6 years playing Festivals and Folk Clubs all over Scotland, he then joined the ranks of The Iron Horse. He recorded 3 albums (including the soundtrack to BBC networked series, “The GameKeeper”), with the band as well as touring all over the UK and Europe 

He was also a member of the “The Red Hot Chilli Pipers” from 2007 – 2014 again touring worldwide and receiving platinum and gold discs. 

After leaving Iron Horse, Stevie carved a career as session musician, arranger and producer and has worked with a diverse range of artists including Canterach, Gaelic Singer and piper Anna Murray, Tannas, Mick West, John Wright, Carol Kidd, Lena Martell, Donnie Munro, Pete Seeger, Laura McGhee, Josh White Jr, Angus Lyon, Shane MacGowan, Maddy Prior, Dascha, Keith Jack, Stuart Cassells, Kyle Warren, Katee Kross, Raintown, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers and currently lives out his rock fantasies with the progressive rock of Abel Ganz. 

Stevie currently performs with Rallion, The Wendy Weatherby Band, Eilidh Grant, Duncan McCrone, Graeme Clark (Wet,Wet,Wet) and new country band, Raintown